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By the time I had reached my teen years, my passion for movies and photography had already been deeply ignited and from then on, every step I've made in life has been towards doing more of what I love.

In my early twenties, I completed a number of different acting and screenwriting workshops in Atlanta. I then returned to my native country Spain, where I completed a TV equipment operator course and an internship at a TV channel. From there I went on to study Film in Pasadena, California in 2005.

After a few years in the 'comfort (boring) zone', I jumped into the 'learning zone' and with my camera in hand, I started traveling around the world as a freelance filmmaker, photographer and screenwriter. Since then, I've been lucky to meet extraordinary people, and explore different cultures and traditions... from the uniqueness of the Taj Mahal and the impressive views at Annapurna Base Camp to sunrises in Angkor Wat, the National Park of Jiuzhaigou, and diving with whale sharks in crystal clear waters in the Philippines. All these experiences have contributed to shaping the way I perceive the world today and have greatly inspired me to pour honesty and humility into my work from my heart. I now feel excited to share my creations, and it brings me great joy to have this opportunity of bringing the world closer.

As a photographer and filmmaker, when holding my camera, I always keep my motto in mind: "Be creative, be original, find the beauty out there and enjoy it all the way!".

Check out my Photo Gallery for sale and Shutterstock for stock images.

A number of my films can also be purchased on Films for sale.

At the moment I am based in Gran Canaria. It's always nice to meet new people and create something special for them to keep and admire forever. If you want to hire me for a photo session, video project or simply say HI, feel free to contact me.

Hope you will enjoy the trip through my website!

Filmmaker Photographer

Josu Ozkaritz Filmmaker Photographer Great Wall China

© Photo by Roberto Pérez